From directing, writing producing and my new role as soon-to-be-best-selling author, there’s a helluva lot going on in my creative planet.  This is my Director’s site, and I hope you take the time to enjoy it all!  From the long-form Film and TV projects actively finding their way into the world, to the continuing commercial and media stuff I dive into, creativity R us, so give me a shout and let’s get it happening!   FYI: sometimes you gotta give the site a couple minutes to fully “lock n load” - there’s a lotta information on it so kick back, let it all pump up, and have a blast!

                                                     I don’t usually look like a

                                                      hardened Gladiator, but this

                                                      is exactly how I feel when I

                                                      step out in that Great Arena

                                                      of Filmmaking and about to

                                                      kick Creative Ass!  Thanks

                                                      for tapping into my Inner

                                                      Roman, Mr. James Barrett!



Welcome to my World!


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